• Vanessa Fairer was born into the fashion business.
  • Whether it was James Wedge's Top Gear and Countdown Kings Road shops, or Vanessa Frye in Sloane Street - her first months and early years were spent "in the shop".
  • "My earliest memories are staring up not at a child's mobile but designer labels with handwritten price tags hanging from clothes under the rails, where I would spend hours as a small child".
  • Heavily influenced by all the now iconic British and French designer clothes worn by her mother of the 1960's and 1970's, a talent for selling and an eye for great clothing became second nature.
  • Home life was spent amongst designers, artists, sculptors and the creatives of the era. So inevitably heading back to London was plan A after leaving school in sleepy Dorset.
  • Almost immediately Vanessa met Robert and they have rarely been apart since, except through work.
  • They started working together in the 1990's, when Robert's photography expanded into fashion, a world Vanessa loved and knew.
  • "I have the greatest job ever, being able to enjoy work and collaborations with Robert but also developing our fashion archive with enough to do for 100 years."
  • "Life is what you make it" and together we have been lucky enough to meet and work with the most inspiring individuals, long may it continue.
  • Hard work and a bit of luck are the key. An ethos we have applied to our business and loving what we do each day.